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and Rewire

yourself' Program

Do you live life on a survival mode ?

Are you struggling with deep inner conflicts ?

Do you feel angry and irritated at non issues?

Is there suppressed anger and pain behind ?

Failing to achieve an inner balance and hence an outer balance as well ?

Are you afraid to put yourself and your work out into the world?
Is the inner critic playing too much on you ?
Do you have doubts creeping in, and you end up talking yourself out of opportunities?

Do you ever feel insecure when you compare yourself to others or their accomplishments?
Negative Emotions, Insecurities and the Lack of Confidence are showstoppers for you ?
Do you often question whether you are good enough to make your dreams reality?
Do you find it hard to accept yourself and love yourself ?
Are the past failures still holding you back ?
Are you ambitious and you want to succeed, but you keep hitting that invisible ceiling?
Are you the ones just spinning your wheels and not just getting to your goals?

Currently Offering a 1-1 Coaching Program

I  designed ‘Release and Rewire Yourself ‘ program   to address the deeper issues which are

hindering your confidence ,

blocking you ,

slowing you down,

holding you back ,

dimming your true light.

from being that  inner awesome  radiant confident peaceful self.

The program works in two steps:

  1. Identifying  and understanding the root-cause and  then releasing the blocked emotions, negative energies

    and suppressed emotions.

  2. Rewiring our brain to a positive mindset , trusting our inner self and  subconscious .

It is 8  week program  which includes

8  1 hour private sessions each week ( worth 600 $)

6 hours of Online Recorded Course , Study Material and workbooks.(worth 100$)

Exercises and guided meditations  to help you relieve anxiety and overcome fears.(worth 150$)

All this at price of
8̶5̶0̶$̶   ̶  350 $  only

Results :  End of Program

You will be able to resolve inner conflicts

learn life long tools to achieve inner balance

build self love and self confidence

positivity in life

Registrations open: Reserve your place fast!!

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Meet your Coach Sana

Sana is a Motivational Speaker, Writer and  NLP Master Coach and an Emotional Empowerment Coach.

Sana holds a Engineering Degree from UPTU  India  and a Masters in  International Business from EAE Business School, Barcelona Spain. She has more than 15 years of working experience  in Corporate Sector. She is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and a Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Practitioner, Diploma in Mental Space Psychology and uses these tools in her coaching.

She empowers working women by teaching  them tools to show up in life with an unbeatable confidence, a never ending self love and motivation to achieve their dreams.

She works with them to identify and resolve  hidden, blocking unhealed and suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that are currently holding them to realize their full potential.

She helps clients to give them clarity of the problem they are stuck in and help them to breakthrough.

Talk with Sana

Talk with Sana is a Pandemic Baby born out of dreams , drive and vision to reach out to millions.
It started out as a YouTube channel sharing videos about self growth and an Author  Interview series called Know your Author promoting diverse authors and then came the motivational speaking, Sana has been regularly motivational talks on her channel and Facebook page.

She had been invited to Ahmedabad Book Club to give a talk on Positivity in times of Covid-19. Recently She was invited by DKP Book Festival to present her work and talk about her upcoming fiction novel.

Sana has recently written an short Motivational E book called Dream Catcher Framework and She has coauthored a Spiritual Anthology called Pause and Pen.

Sana is also doing a special series on her Channel  about Neurodiverse Children in Collaboration with Author Nazhah Khawaja and Dr.Nayela Ahmed

After attending many self growth programs from renowned coaches, doing self work  and connecting the missing pieces  and dots, Sana is now on her path of Self Love, Self Work , Coaching and Empowering others.

She is currently offering  a free discovery call to check if you can work together with her in  1:1 Coaching Program or her Group coaching Program.

You can book a free call using her  calendar :

Our Vision

Committed to support working women to achieve an inner balance, calmness , a confidence to show up in their daily life and achieve their dreams.


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Story behind the Course ‘Release and Rewire’

Beginning of this year , I have done many courses, attended numerous sessions on Confidence, Mindset and Gratitude.

They were all amazing programs which I totally enjoyed doing and learned from,  but one thing was consistent once   I stopped the program I was falling back to my old habits.

Self Doubts  were creeping in, Anxieties  back in place, my Motivation dwindling and  low energies.

I was doing my gratitude journaling, praying,

I was being intentional and positive ,

I didn’t know why I couldn’t be my 100 percent self.

After a while,  with lots of reflections,  self work  came my light bulb moment and I realized the programs I did were only scrubbing and scratching  the surface and  I wasn't going deep enough with them to find out the real problem!

I wasn’t addressing the real issues where were lying unfixed and unhealed.

I wasn't checking what is underlying the shining surface,  

I wasn't addressing the disease,   I was only fixing the symptoms.

it was helping me temporarily to feel better and perform but in short time I was back to not feeling good, tired and giving up , deep down I knew there is something not okay and needs to be fixed.

Just like the skin, whatever you put on surface will not last forever and you need that inner glow which comes from healthy eating and fixing underlying issues /deficiencies.

Confidence is same, you need to dig deeper, unblock what is blocking you, release what is weighing you down and build that inner confidence.

This ‘Release and Rewire’ program is essence of the work I did on myself, my journey and all the lessons learnt on the way .

Learning, Unlearning and Relearning.

Let’s all grow together.

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