2022 Workshops Schedule

Deeply Exploring Our Anger - June,July

Burst the Stress - August

“Where there is anger there is always pain underneath.”

Eckhart Tolle

When the world is tired of Covid-19, consumed by hatred and wars happening in different parts of world.

Its impossible to not feel pain or anger; or to choose sides.

Some people can feel angry and or depressed,

Some choose to ignore,


Whenever and Whatever  we choose, we are also choosing  apathy or antipathy for all the other sides.

What’s causing all this distress, this hatred, this polarization in recent times?

What is deeper than the surface, What is lurking behind.

Are we unconsciously becoming pawns to serve

selfish interests of certain people/organizations/ideas?

Who is channelizing our repressed anger and emotions to their vested interests?

What blurs our vision to see the humans/plants/other species on the other side of conflict/apathy ?

Let’s bring deeper awareness to our anger, deep repressed emotions

and learn healthier ways to manage and channelize it,

to make  peace and clarity inside and outside in the world.

Deeply Exploring Our Anger - Workshop

Sessions where we explore anger as an emotion, its purpose and how to guide our anger .

Why We Often Choose to Bury Our Anger?

Anger as an unwanted, unacceptable, negative emotion ?

Exploring Anger as Active and Passive.

Harmful effects of repressed anger.

How do we move to the constructive side of anger?

How can we have a healthy relationship with this emotion ?

Three hour interactive workshop spread over three weeks .

Let’s explore what’s beneath and beyond our anger.

Exploring the Whys, How and What.

Using Journaling, Mindfulness, Meditation Techniques.

Dates : TBD

Time duration: 3  sessions of one hour each (plus extra 15 mins of Q&A)

Time: 3 pm CET (2pm UK time, 6.30 pm IST, 9 am ET)

Replays and journals will be available for people who registered.

Price is 36 USD.

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Learning, Unlearning and Relearning.

Let’s all grow together.

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