A short guide to Achieving your dreams.

Dreamcatcher Framework is a short precise book to help you achieve your dreams. A step by step guide to show dreams are achievable. It let you to explore your ideas and dreams and helps to set goals and accountability, kick off all the excuses of not having enough time to work towards your goals.

Hijri : A Year Round Account of Muslim Women’s lives

Written by Rumki Chowdhury, Papatia Feauxzar, Sana Khan, Shoohada Khanom, and Umm Afraz Muhammed.

Summary: Hijri is the cornerstone of the Islamic way of life. Without it, Muslims would not be able to observe and perform their religious rituals. Hijri is also a time marker that helps us locate significant events in time, space, history, and in our daily lives. While it may seem elusive to many, we believe it’s a flexible calendar. It easily adjusts to each user’s schedule. For instance, all Muslims will consistently celebrate and observe holy or auspicious days within three days of each other and their ibadahs are still valid.

In this anthology titled HIJRI, acclaimed Muslim authors come together to tell their stories centered and surrounding the Islamic calendar. In their poignant accounts and tales, they share their hopes, their losses and most importantly their wins because the believer is always grateful for every situation.

Above all, HIJRI shows how Muslimah writers have mindfully reclaimed their rightful time frame for the only One that truly matters.

Multi-Marketing Anthology 2022.

A powerful collection of international poetry and short stories from both established and previously undiscovered writers and poets, put together by Multi-Marketing in this incredibly packed anthology featuring over 25 authors.

One of my short stories got published in this one.

Pandemic Ponderings and Life Lessons learnt.

An anthology of essays, poems ,short stories about their life and lessons during covid -19 compiled and edited by Neena Singh.

One of my essay got published in this ebook.

Pause and Pen

Co authored this Spiritual Anthology, two of my poems are published in it.

Pause and Pen-whispers of the soul is an anthology that offers a cosmic view on the theme of spirituality. Every literary piece adds a new dimension and meaning to this universal subject. The forty-plus contributors from diverse cultural, regional and professional backgrounds bring a fresh perspective on the page. Their writings showcase human uniqueness. How their reception and the manifestation of lessons derived through life experiences mold their beliefs. The soulful poetries, well-researched articles and intriguing short stories, consolidate the fact that, unlike any religion or life skill, spirituality isn’t learnt, it is discovered. It is explored when one sets sails on the inward voyage. Like the cosmic, spirituality is infinite and is in constant flux.


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